Business Card Design Preparation

There are quite a few things to consider when creating a business card for designing market. Your products for our marketplace should have proper documentation, sizes, standard formats and best quality. Here following some guidelines for you to make a business card for our marketplace.

Color Mode : CMYK

The CMYK color mode is for designs that are going to be printed, like your business cards, flyers, event ticket, gift card etc. That is the default color setting for many of the recommended software, but you should ALWAYS double-check and make sure that your document color mode is set to CMYK, not RGB.


Here’s how to check that your document color mode is in CMYK in two different programs. These steps will take you to the colors panel:

  • Photoshop: Image > Mode > CMYK Color
  • Illustrator: File > Document Color Mode > CMYK Color

Bleed Area : 0.25 inch

The template explains the essential components of a business card file pretty well, but here’s a little more detail:

  • The safe zone is the area inside which you should keep all text and graphics that you don’t want to be cut off by the printing machine.

Business Card Safe Zone

  • The bleed area is the location which will be remove or cut off from the machine immediately after printing, although ensure that this area is loaded with impression and color so that there’s no white area quit in your card if it’s printed. You should use 0.25 inch bleed area around of your business card design

Bleed Settings

Here adding a standard business card template with proper bleed settings. You can download that from here and feel free use for your own purpose.

High Resolution : 300 DPI

If you want to include any images, texture, pattern which you have proper rights to use for commercial purpose, these should be 300 DPI ( Not 72 or less) resolution. Thus you should never utilize photographs ripped from the internet with your layout besides because of licensing issues, , but also because their particular quality can be 72 DPI – display screen quality not print quality. In order to guarantee high-res styles, utilize your own images or perhaps 3rd-party images which can be at least 300 DPI.