How to submit a product?

At first generate your unique idea to make your  product for designing market. Your product should have maximum quality with unique concept. Our review team will publish your product within 72 hours or more than less times after every successful submission.

May i submit multiple product from one account?

Surely you can submit multiple product from one account. But you can’t re-submit your same design after got reject.

What’s the proper way to submit my product or design?

There have some important fact to submit your design or product in our virtual marketplace. These are given bellow :

  • At first make a small image for your product’s thumbnail view. It should be 80 pixel width and 80 pixel height. JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF format are allowed for small image.
  • Make a preview image by adding some text and screenshot of your  product or design. It should be 675 pixel width. There have no any limit for  height of the preview image. We recommend less that 1800 pixel height.
  • Make at least 2 screenshots for your design or product. It should be clear and specific. The standard size of your product’s screenshot image should be 675 pixel width and 575 pixel height. You can use any background/texture or gradiant to make the screenshot image.
  • Create a folder of your product item  with proper documentation file and make a zip archive.

I need more information what can i do?

No problem! Our staffs are waiting to hear your problem and experience with Designing Market. You can feel free report any bug, problem, feedback and general ideas.

Simple create a ticket and get response from our team.